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Carrying Big Gift Box

Week 3: Essential Workers Gifts


Mon 18th September - Fri 22nd September

Join us to love Southport.

We want to express our thanks and bless some of our town's essential workers who really do make Southport a great place for us to live. But, we need your help!


Here's how you can show your love and get involved:

1. Buy items from the gift list below and drop them at Lakeside Church clearly labelled Love Southport Gift Bags. (Each individual bag can be made up for under £6).

2. Help pack gift bags with all the supplies that have been purchased. 


Packing date:

Monday 18th Sept 10:30am - 12:30pm


Items needed for gift bags:

- Post-it Notes

- Hand Cream

- Mug

- Chocolate bar

- Mints

- Sachet of hot chocolate

Which essential workers will we be loving this year?

- Southport Community Fire Station 

- Southport Police Station 

- Southport Ambulance Station 

- Southport Hospital 

- St Philip's C of E Primary School Teachers and staff

Your serving makes an impact.

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